How to Choose the Best Permanent Makeup Artist in Your area

Tracy ­­­­­Fensome has 6 Simple steps when researching Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Treatments

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If you are reading this blog you are probably just starting out researching into having a Permanent Makeup treatment, also known as Semi Permanent Makeup. This fabulous treatment, if performed correctly can seriously improve sparse eyebrows to new redefined strokes or powdering, awaken tired eyes with a twinkle and redefine the fading lip contour and volume to a more youthful pair of lips. What does this mean to you? Apart from looking and feeling fabulous these simple enhancements can create new confidence and give the WOW factor feel.

Sound good? I bet it does. I know it did to me all those years ago before I specialised in this.  It was quite easy to choose back then as there was not many people providing this special treatment so those choice was easier. However,  I bet it is overwhelming for you to choose who to go to and what you should be looking out for when choosing the best permanent makeup artist for you and possibly in your location.

So where do you start once you have made that decision to find the best and right Permanent Cosmetic artist for you? This guide will help you decide on the right Permanent Cosmetic artist to perform your treatment. It is just a guide and you may have additional questions you would want to add into this blog, which is fabulous. Ask away I say. In fact, if a potential client does not ask me questions even after I have explained the fundamentals I get a little concerned. Afterall it is your face right?

These 6 important questions are based my knowledge of working in the industry and what I see to be looked into before you book.  Use them as a guide to explore online and for when you attend a consultation.

Why should you take any notice of me? 
I like to think that my 14 years in the Permanent Makeup industry and 25 years treating thousands of women and male faces and bodies is a credible reason. My passion is to raise quality and standards in this arena that I also teach these skills to learners in Micropigmentation at my Tracy Fensome Signature Academy just outside of London.

I hope that is a good enough reason to read on. So I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and created a Guide to choosing the best Permanent Makeup Artist.  Use it as you may, to source who and where you go to for the treatment.  I must stress that doing your due diligence is key to a successful outcome.

Have an idea of what type of Permanent Cosmetic treatment you want?
Before you start your enquiries have an idea of the treatment you would like to have and reason why. Many of my clients say it is to enhance what they have lost so they have a feel good factor. Others are about saving time and not using much makeup, or their eyesight is poor and they just cannot create a decent effect and result,  That is one of the great benefits of Permanent Makeup.   Have a think. What areas would you like to improve and the real reason why. Nothing wrong with vanity by the way ???? You can start looking at_

  • before and after pictures on social media, web sites
  • shapes
  • colours

If you would rather wait until you go for a consultation then leave it to the professionals you have short listed.  They will be able to advise the best shape, colour and effect for you but if you have an idea then it is a good talking point to start with.

Search Social Media for the best Permanent Makeup Artist

Where to start looking?
This is an easy one for you to start with. Use Google to search.  I have provided a few suggestions below. If you do a general search like ‘Permanent makeup artist’ then you will be presented with thousands of results.  I advise narrowing your search down and if area is important to you pop that into the search term as well.  For example,

‘Permanent Makeup in Bedfordshire’

‘Permanent Makeup in Rugby’

The first page of selections is a good one to start with either in the paid sponsoring google adwords section or the organic reach below. However, just because a listing is on page 2,3,4 doesn’t mean they are not good. Spend time going through them and if needed write down the names and url of the ones that appealed the most to you.

Aside from Facebook and Instagram, look at the web sites to gather an overall feel for that professional.  Then head over to check them also on other platforms such as  Facebook and Instagram.  Some artists prefer using these platforms instead of a web page. In fact, many would say that web sites are not as important now as the social media pages. I say it is down to preference but to explore them all.

Where to look:

The main areas would be ‘About’ the person,  ‘Photo gallery’ for before and after pictures, ‘Location’ ‘Reviews’  then look on the above platforms mentioned about and narrow your search down to say three.

Decide how you would like to contact them and be consistent with your questions to all of them. If you prefer, call the professional.

Have some questions ready and then book in for a consultation.

Google search terms to find a Permanent Makeup artist or treatment:

  • Where is my nearest Permanent makeup artist?
  • Who is the best Permanent cosmetic artist near me?
  • Reviews on Permanent Makeup Eyebrows in my area or Lips or Eyeliner?
  • Where can I find a Permanent Makeup clinic in a 20 mile radius?
  • Where can I find a Permanent Eyebrow treatments
  • How can I find a Permanent Cosmetic Brow clinic in my area or in a ‘county’
  • Brow tattooing near me
  • The nearest professional Permanent Makeup practitioner to me.
  • Where can I find a VTCT Level 4 Permanent Makeup artist.

These are just suggestions and keeping the search terminology specific will reduce your searching time – in most cases. If it doesn’t come up with the results you are searching for then ask the question differently

How do you determine who is a good Permanent Makeup Artist?
Many clients that I initially speak to think that all Permanent Cosmetic Artists are the same in qualifications and skill level.  They did not realise that there is a skill triangle to expertise if performing micropigmentation. It is pretty similar to how some hair salons work with the Master at the top and the recently qualified at the bottom with great variations in treatment prices.  This is where a consultation will provide you some of the answers this guide is promoting you to ask.

The more they have invested in their own skills training will be reflected in the Permanent Makeup Prices. After all, if you want to have the best then an advanced or master artist will have a minimum of 5 years consistent experience working every .

I do not mind sharing that I am a firm believer in gut feeling (with more diligence to back it up!)  Questions to ask yourself, how did the professional make you feel upon first meeting them?  did they provide you with an introduction to their specialism. Their skill levels and how many years they have been performing the treatments. That they are licensed  by the local authority to perform these treatments, the type treatments they perform and the quality of  equipment they use. Are they EU and UK approved products. Will they patch test be performed? These type of questions and answers are a good sounding board for you to decide if you wish to consider them to work on your face.

Just another tip! Ask about after treatment care and contact. Does the price included a review at around 6 weeks  also known as a Permanent Makeup top up? Is their an aftercare kit, can they contact you if there is a problem?

For me the customer journey is just as important as the procedure itself.  I know that I appreciate it when I have a treatment to receive a call to check up on me after say a dentist treatment, a laser treatment and certainly aesthetic injectables like filler and Permanent Cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup Reviews
As you start to narrow your choices down take a look at any reviews available on social media and their web sites.  It will provide you with an understanding to good customer service, post treatment support, that client’s are pleased with the results etc… This should also provide you with confidence that you may be on the right path to choosing a professional Permanent Makeup artist with high standards in results and health and safety.

Other places to look for reviews are on Facebook, their popularity on the Instagram and quality of work in eyebrows, eyeliner and lip treatments or may be it is medical tattooing such as vitiligo, areola, cleft lift enhancement.

Referrals are only good if you actually like the treatment your friend or colleague has had done. If they look ridiculous decline and source using this guide.  If you like the results of their treatment then definitely put that one on your short list to contact but again do your own due diligence.  Be sure to check the reviews out and as always the before and after work created by that person.

You may have noticed that I did not start off with price as a guide.. Although a factor to affordability, it should never be the main reason when choosing a Permanent Cosmetic practitioner based on price alone. The old saying pay cheap pay twice applies here with the correction pay cheaper pay 100 times more to get it corrected!

Across the UK prices vary from £225 -£795 depending on the experience and where in the country they are based. The latter price is around the London price for an advanced to master artist. My prices for say brows are £495 and I am just outside London and reflects my many years of experience and advanced master level. If I were to work in London Performing Permanent Cosmetics  and with the added expenses of being in a top clinic and travel it would be  from £695 and £795 for a location like Harley Street or Knightsbridge.  Location and price is important but should not be the only two criteria to choose from. All the other tips I have provided should be included into the big picture.

Not every artist develops beyond the foundation level. There is nothing wrong with that and their skill-set, abilities would be classed as  basic level.  As a training provider in this industry I feel passionate that every professional should pursue excellence and that means to reinvest in themselves every year – no matter how  big or small they should attend at least one of these – events, workshops, courses, on line theory

Safety needs to be maintained, new techniques to learn so that clients will benefit, new eyebrow patterns, or maybe an eyeliner with a flick and beautiful soft Smokey hue, and to invest in new equipment so technology is up to date. It is so important that an artist is passionate about giving their clients the best and the only way to do that is to keep educated.

The higher level of artist generally means they have vastly invested in their skill education and kept up to date with equipment technology and new techniques.

Once you have narrowed your choices down, arrange a one to one consultation with them.  You will benefit from this experience for many reasons such as to meet the person who may perform the treatment. Gut feeling is very important and if you have any doubts about them, the environment, their qualifications then usually the gut is right!  You have to be absolutely 100% confident in their credentials, artist flair and hygiene skills.

What is involved in a Permanent Makeup consultation? 

The best way for me to answer this is to tell you how I conduct a Permanent Makeup consultation.

When I see my prospective clients they receive a warm welcome and it takes place in a private clinic room.I explore what the client is looking to achieve and just as important how it will make a difference to them.   I then take them through the stages of the procedure and timings so they have an understanding of what to expect with me on the treatment day. I advise them I have been performing these treatments for 14 years and am an advanced practitioner. Photos of my work are provided to give confidence in my technical abilities being able to create bespoke brows, eyeliner and lips to suit them. A practitioner should visually provide an idea to how the enhancement would look in its finished form by drawing with a pencil on the client’s face.

Not many clients ask if I am insured and licensed by the local authority so I advise them that I am and that I am a VTCT Level 4 qualified in Permanent Makeup. The highest recognised qualification in this industry.

The client is provided with the cost and the aftercare to follow the treatment. At no time should the professional push the client into booking. Personally I tell clients to go away and think about it and to get in touch if they have more questions or wish to book.

That’s it my 6  steps to choosing a Permanent Cosmetic Artist.   I do hope you find the content of the blog helpful and informative in those early stage of looking for the right person to perform your treatment.

If you would like more details on the contents or to ask questions you are most welcome to contact me  at You can also find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM if you would like explore my work or reach out to me.

It has been a pleasure creating this and if you would like this content. Keep in touch by subscribing here to my emails about events, offers,  hot topics on skin and permanent cosmetics

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