A Combination Ombre Brow For Our Returning Client

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In 2013,  Tracy’s new client, Vaida, was happy to let us film her brow procedure. It was Vaida’s first Permanent Cosmetics treatment. The results looked great and really enhanced her face.  As part of an on going set of videos, Vaida then let us film her when she returned for her top up in 2015 where she had a bit of a touch up to boost her colour.

Last week we were happy to see her back. Vaida decided that she would like a slight change in her brows and opted for the Ombre style eyebrows. Once we have finished edited the footage we will use the set for our training company, Signature Academy.  Have a look at the cut version below.

Tracy offers beautiful Ombre brow treatments and brow training.  This participial brow is a combination Ombre with hair strokes and softley powdered pixalation so it heals misty.  I’m sure you will agree that these brows look stunning.

To book in for a Permanent Cosmetic treatment please contact Tracy,  0333 121 0321 or from the Contact Page.

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