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Lip Perfection

Permanent Makeup Lips treatments have revolutionised with the introduction of advanced beautiful pigment colours and modern technology devices. My custom created techniques are advanced and my 17 years performing permanent makeup on 12,000 faces allows me to be bespoke in all my artistry.

This treatment produces outstanding results from a full look lip colour, a soft semi lip blush or for small lips a lip line and soft blend of colour to create new definition. My favourite effect is to use the luxury Biotek pigment colours and with two colours to create an aquarelle effect with an invisible line.

Gone are the days of reapplying lip colour, smudging, lip colour bleed, that embarrassing lip colour on teeth and having to apply lip pencil outside of the lip border to create an appearance of volume – it never works

The Benefits

Permanent Makeup Lips

No Smudges or Bleeds

Permanent Makeup Lips

Bold or Natural effect

Permanent Makeup Lips

Saves buying cosmetics

Permanent Makeup Lips

Improves definition

Permanent Makeup Lips

Corrects Asymmetry

The Lip Gallery

Lip Contour

A lip contour offers a refreshed contour and shape to lips that have reduced in volume over the the years, or a client with naturally small lips.  A colour is chosen as near to the client’s natural lip tone so that the Permanent Makeup Lips contour blends in and looks natural with a more youthful appearance to the lips. If the lips require volume within the lip tissue, I may recommend some fillers with me first and a few weeks later I will create the permanent makeup contour with Biotek lip colours. 

Lip Blush/ Aquarelle Lips

A popular treatment with many clients that want a natural colour blend into part of the lip so they can just apply gloss and go. First an invisible lip line to create a borderless lip shape and then I use various advanced techniques with my digital machine to create a lip blush blend into the lips. The effects are stunning and once healed the colour will lighten, the border will be renewed to provider a more youthful looking lip. This is suitable for all ages over 18 years. Just gloss and go!

Full Lip Colour

This full Permanent Makeup Lips treatment is for clients that love the lipstick look.  I use advanced techniques to create an invisible line, define the shape and blend in a pigment colour into the full lip. Just like a lipstick colour. Numbing is used throughout so discomfort should be minimal if at all.  With this treatment the effects can be Brighter, bolder, or natural. Together this is discussed at consultation to which will work in harmony with the client’s lip tone for optimum results.  Stunning treatment and a favourite transformation for many lip clients ready to make a statement.

The Process

Permanent Makeup Lips


2 hours

Permanent Makeup Lips


Luxury kit

Permanent Makeup Lips


Minor swelling, 2-4 weeks

Permanent Makeup Lips


Treatment + Complimentary

Permanent Makeup Lips


1-2 years

Permanent Makeup Lips


From £425

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will permanent makeup last and how often will I need a top-up?
The permanent makeup pigment is designed to remain under the skin forever however, it is likely to fade over time that means you will require it topping up after a period of time. After your initial session and the healing process has complete, you will need to come back for a top-up after 6 to 8 weeks. This is to ensure you are happy with the colour and shape of your healed brows and fill in any areas which may have been missed. They will then last between 12 and 18 months when you will need to return for the colour to be freshened up.
Do I need a consultation and what happens at them?
100%. A consultation is where we can discuss your treatment in detail. You will sit down together and Tracy can find out what it is you are wanting to achieve with your results. Throughout your consultation she will also be able to advise you and go through any medical conditions you may have. A consultation is always recommended with a treatment such as permanent cosmetics.
Does permanent makeup hurt?
As with any treatment that involves breaking the skin there can be a feeling of slight discomfort. However, Tracy will numb the area prior to your treatment and this will help relieve any feeling of discomfort. She will be checking on you throughout your treatment to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.
Can I get permanent makeup if I have botox and/or lip fillers?
It is suggested that permanent makeup is carried out at least 3-5 weeks after having botox. During this 3-5 weeks, the skin has time to heal there will be less risk of moving botulinum toxin around the face. If you are considering both lip fillers and lip blush then it’s recommended that you get the fillers first. However, lip blush is designed to give you fuller lips without going through the trauma of dermal fillers.
Aftercare Instructions
  • Avoid retinol. It can cause flaking causing results to appear patchy and uneven. As the skin cells naturally shed, so does the pigment.
  • Do not touch, scratch or rub the treated area whilst healing.
  • Don’t pick any scabs as this will cause patchy results.
  • Avoid any physical activities that result in excessive sweating.
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning as this will cause the pigment to fade quicker. Always make sure you are wearing an SPF when outdoors.
  • No facial treatments until completely healed.
Can a lip treatment prompt a cold sore?

Yes, it can. We suggest you visit your healthcare professional and ask for some assistance to prevent a cold sore break out. We do not recommend this treatment without this.

Can I be part of choosing the lip colour?

Yes, a client is always involved every part of the consultation and treatment before a treatment is commenced.

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As always, my clients should come for a consultation so that I can advise the best course of treatment for them aligned to their specific needs.

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