Permanent Makeup Consultations Online During Lock Down

Free Permanent Makeup consultation Milton Keynes and Luton

Hi how are you all doing. What are you looking forward to when we can return to our normal lives? I know what I’m looking forward to. Hmmm can you guess.?

I do hope you are keeping safe and loved ones close. It is just me and Marc at home with our two dogs. My children are big kids now and live nearby. It is terrible that I cannot go to see them and cuddle my grandchildren. So I am spending my time writing new content for my on line courses for my Permanent Makeup & Beauty community and staring at these roots every time I go past a mirror.? Yep its my roots of all things.

Aside from my moan about my roots and the need for immaterial treatments to some (yes I know worse things are happening out there and I am extremely sad for those lost souls but I just want to add some hope and light. please do not shoot me down. I do care). So I wanted to jump on here today to say that I may not be able to help with your roots or nails but I can help you with your Permanent Cosmetics and Skin questions in preparation for when you can get back to normality by using my VIRTUAL Live consultation platform. It is easy to use do not worry if you are not a techno type person, nor am I!

Obviously I cannot do face to face clinic consultations at this time but I can do virtual live private consultations to make you feel better about the amazing treatments you can have soon. ??

Right now in those pictures I am in my bedroom with my laptop sitting comfortably after I have just finished two live consultations. I must admit it is as much therapy for me as it is for clients to chat and plan. We all like to feel useful and being able to still provide our services in some way.

If you would like to chat about your self care and by that I mean Permanent Cosmetics, Skincare and have my ear to help your mindset I am here. ?

You can find me here on

It’s so amazing that I can give you advice now rather than waiting weeks or even months with this pandemic. Moments like this I love technology ?

I am with you Ladies and Gents through this difficult time. The simple things I took for granted like hair roots, eyebrows and lip fillers are irrelevant to the sadness currently happening. However, as humans and for sanity we have to plan and feel we can move forward so I am all booked in for my self care in May with my professional. Do not feel you are being vain or selfish to wanting to feel better inside and out. If for your emotional health you want to plan then plan. It doesn’t matter if it has to be moved it is the fact you have planned something.

I just know that at some point I will reemerge a new woman, more humble and I hope you will join me.

From the safety and comfort of your home stay in touch. Lets keep the morale and love going.

Drop me a note below if you would like to have any questions or subjects you would like me to cover on here or click here for a chat. x

Stay safe

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