The Perfect Solution for Eye Brow Hair Loss

A distressing auto immune is Alopecia which can cause temporarily or permanent hair loss over the body.  The common loss is eyebrows and scalp for men and women.

This can cause a huge loss of confidence and image conscious for all. Of course, pencils and brow powder pallets can work temporarily but after a while the frustration of getting the shape right and having to touch them up through the day causes no end of feelings, angry to name one. Not forgetting menopausal women experiencing a complete melt down of brows sliding off the face.

It’s not ideal and I 100% recommend permanent cosmetics to take the frustration away to create that confidence again.

The benefits are endless with no worries of brows disappearing at the gym, swimming, running outdoors, time saver, perfect shape, eyesight problems and to not experience the niggles of no hair as mentioned above.

I am Tracy Fensome and a practitioner in permanent cosmetics and injectables. I’ve been working on skin for 20 years as well as teaching Skin Science in college and private academies. I like to think I have a good eye for shape and artistic flair to create a good brow that is natural and bespoke to the client.

If you are suffering with eyebrow hair loss and would like to explore this treatment or the scalp micropigmentation for men do reach out to me.

I’m in Luton and Milton Keynes clinics and work Tuesday – Saturday. Appointments by private booking.

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